Monday, 30 January 2012

Life's lessons

Last night we had a table set up at the SUMA convention in Regina.  It was a great event, probably over 500 people - all very committed to Saskatchewan and its growth!  Met all sorts of awesome peeps and lots who were very interested in some of our best selling products. 

My business partner, Candace and I had a great chat about social media earlier yesterday - how to better use outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and what not.  We both agreed that we can use these tools better, that there is great opportunity to talk to our customers and followers. 

We normally consider ourselves relatively intelligent, easy to have a conversation with and having fairly sharp intuition.  We show up for this trade show with no computer, no iPad and no Camera.  Yup - really ramping up the social media.........good job girls, way to pay attention.

I always maintained that this journey of opening a business was going to be an experience worth writing about at some point later on in my life and there would be a few key learning's along the way.

Here is my key learning for this one:
1) When my kids were born, I had a camera.
2) When we go on vacation, to swimming lessons, or out for a walk - I take a camera.
3) When you go to a tradeshow to promote your guessed it - TAKE A CAMERA! 

Anyways, it's only a mistake if you do is twice; and sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself.  Yesterday was one of those days.

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